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Natalie’s Priorities

As our next Juvenile Court Judge, Natalie will:

  • Support law enforcement officers and school board employees in reducing crime and truancy in Caddo Parish neighborhoods and schools.
  • Hold parents more accountable for their children’s whereabouts and actions and their failure to cooperate with the court and its officers.
  • Give each case appropriate consideration in deciding which children would benefit from incarceration and probation. It’s not feasible to incarcerate every child, and in many cases, it is not necessary.She will place more emphasis on reviewing probationers to ensure compliance with the rules and responsibilities placed upon them when given the privilege of remaining in the community on probation.
  • Pair the appropriate community resources with each child and family, once adjudicated.
  • Reduce the crime rate in Caddo Parish and make it a safer, better community we can all be proud of.